Ear Rot Management

General recommendations are as follows:

  1. No hybrids are completely resistant to ear rot fungi, but some hybrids may be less susceptible to ear rot and mycotoxin accumulation. Plant these hybrids in fields at risk for disease development.
  2. Promote conditions that favor plant growth and reduce plant stress.
  3. Fungicides are generally not recommended for ear rot and mycotoxin management.
  4. Atoxigenic products are available for in-season management of aflatoxin.
  5. Fields with ear rots should be harvested early and grain dried to prevent additional mold and mycotoxin accumulation.
  6. Adjust the combine to discard lightweight or damaged kernels, which may contain mold or mycotoxin.
  7. Segregate grain from moldy fields and store appropriately.

    Early dent
    Scout fields at early dent to determine if ear rots are present.

Ear rot and mycotoxin management options vary across the United States. For specific management options click on the region of interest:

For more information on ear rot management visit:


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